Hilversum, December 20 World Blitz Championship 2014

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After having organized the World Blitz Championshop 2013 in Den Helder, we were looking for another location in Noord Holland for the 2014 World Blitz Championship. When we learned, that Ton Sijbrands will attack the World Record Blind Simultaneous Draughts in Hilversum, we decided to follow Ton and offer players and spectators the ritch experience of witnessing both the World Championship and the World Record Attempt. 




Event Hours

SAT DEC 20 09:45 - 18:00



Gooiland Theater
Emmastraat 2


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The World Championship Blitz Draughts is still a young event. The first edition was organized in 1999 on the initiative of Dutch draughts promotor Theo Dijkstra. In it's first decade, the Championship had an irregular and modest frequency, but since 2011 it is being organized every year. The website of last years' event can be found here: http://wcblitz2013.fmjd.org . A video impression of the 2013 World Blitz Championship can be found here.

2014        Hilversum 20 Dec.  Swiss with play-offs 
2013  A. Shvartsman  A. Georgiev  G. Valneris  Den Helder 21-22 Dec.  Round robin followed by round robin final 
2012  A. Shvartsman  A. Getmanski  R. Boomstra  Lille - 22 Aug.  Swiss 
2011  A. Shvartsman  A. Georgiev  G. Kolesov  Ufa - 16-17 Jul.  Round robin 
2009  A. Shvartsman  G. Valneris  A. Georgiev  Berlin - 28-29 Dec.  Swiss, followed by play-offs 
2007  G. Valneris  A. Shvartsman  I. Kirzner  Nazareth - Ilit 08-10 Oct.  Round robin, followed by play-offs 
2000  A. Shvartsman  G. Valneris  Y. Koifman  Tel Aviv 07-09 Sep.  Round robin, followed by semi final and final
1999 G. Valneris  E. Prosman  A. Georgiev  London 27-29 Aug. Olympiad 
1998 A. Shvartsman E. Prosman V. Virny The Hague 03-04 Aug. Play-offs
      W. Tratielovich